Graduate Student Advising & Coaching

Counseling and Clinical Psychology Doctoral Internship Advising & Coaching

Why pay for advising services for internship applications?

APAGS has shared its view on paying for match services – their answer is it’s “probably not” necessary, which I mostly agree with. There are many resources through APAGS and APPIC to support students in navigating the internship application process. I am also trying to contribute to the resource pool with the free information on my website and posts.

However, I am also aware that not all students have access to hands-on support in their doctoral programs, and some of my former students encouraged me to offer my advising services more broadly (currently I work with only the Palo Alto University Ph.D. program, which offers a unique individual internship advising program). You can think of this along the lines of psychotherapy to a certain extent – sometimes having information is sufficient to help you make change or know how to proceed; other times you may need interpersonal interactions and support to help you reflect, access a stronger sense of self, and address challenges that arise in the process.

I am offering psychology internship advising services for a limited number of students for a fee – keep reading for details. (All students are welcome to use the resources on my website for free.)

What I cover in internship advising and coaching:
  • Discussion of program-sanctioned (practicum) hours and competencies.
  • Identification of professional goals and professional identity (and how to talk about them)
  • Review of the four internship essays – I provide feedback during advising meetings and do not copy edit the essays. Essay discussions will explore personal and professional concerns related to each essay. All essays are important, but I focus on making the theoretical orientation and diversity essays the strongest.
  • Discussion of internship site selection.
  • Review of CV content and format.
  • Support in navigating the APPIC Application for Psychology Internship (AAPI), including responses to professional conduct questions.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Currently enrolled in an APA-accredited counseling or clinical psychology Ph.D., Ed.D. or Psy.D. program.
  • Approved by doctoral program’s Director of Clinical Training (DCT) to apply to APPIC doctoral internships.


  • Commitment to the advising and coaching process, which includes a minimum of 6 meetings.
  • Openness to and engagement with feedback process.
  • Proactive communication about challenges (e.g., procrastination, writers’ block, dissertation stress, attendance).

Students who have worked well with me:

  • welcome constructive feedback and are generally non-defensive.
  • like a straightforward approach (I am direct but kind).
  • generally work within my suggested timeline.
  • are authentic about who they are and why they are in the field of psychology.
  • have a sense of humor.

I have advised students applying to the following types of internship sites (adults and lifespan):

  • college and university counseling centers
  • VA internships
  • forensic settings
  • integrated health and hospital settings
  • community mental health

I am less of a fit for students applying for primarily child/family programs or neuropsychology-focused programs.

An initial 15-minute consultation (free) is required. Please contact me about my fee for a set of 6 coaching sessions (50-60 minutes each).

Contact me for a free 15-minute consultation to see if internship advising and coaching  is the next step for you: