Improve your quality of life through insight-oriented, skill-building psychotherapy and goal-oriented coaching.

Welcome to my website! I am a licensed psychologist in Menlo Park. I will value your experience within the context of your life history and your cultural identities (e.g., as a woman, person of color, LGBTQ, etc.). I provide a safe space for people with marginalized identities to feel understood and honored.

I believe in empowering you to help you grow and change. My therapeutic and coaching styles aim for long-term growth, in addition to providing short-term solutions.

My office is located in Menlo Park, CA, and is accessible to many locations on the Peninsula. I also offer online video therapy for individuals in California. This website provides information about my services and qualifications as well as links to mental health resources.

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Evidence-Based Psychotherapy

What is evidence-based practice in psychology? When searching for a therapist and therapy, you may come across the terms “evidence-based practice” and “evidence-based treatment”. The term “evidence-based” is being used across many disciplines (such as healthcare and education), and understandably so – clients want to know there is research and expertise to back up claims … Continue reading Evidence-Based Psychotherapy

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